COVID -19 and ARCP 

The  Covid -19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented disruption to clinical services and training. This section has information on how the ARCP  has been modified to factor in the pandemic’s impact on assessment and career progression.

Please note : Process of the ARCP as detailed in the section below remains unchanged. 


You will be required to submit your ESSR and supporting evidence on the Lifelong Learning Platform two weeks prior to your ARCP date (for 2020 dates see above).

The panel members will review the evidence using the RCoA national checklists (below) and issue you a preliminary outcome.  You will be informed of your Preliminary Outcome one week prior to your ARCP date.  Your preliminary outcome will determine one of 2 scenarios:

 1. If you receive Preliminary Outcome 1 you will not be required to attend the ARCP in person.  We will however extend to you an invitation of voluntary attendance, should you wish to meet the panel to receive (or give) feedback or for career guidance.

2. If you receive any other Preliminary Outcome you will be required to attend the ARCP in person, and discuss your unfavourable outcome with the panel.  Those with a Preliminary Outcome 6 will be required to attend as they will be leaving training.

It is therefore paramount that you ensure you have booked the day off for your ARCP Panel date well in advance of local Trust leave guidelines.  Should you not be required to attend you can cancel your leave one week prior to your ARCP.  This will give departments enough time to reallocate you for the following week.