COVID -19 and ARCP 

The  Covid -19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented disruption to clinical services and training. This section has information on how the ARCP  has been modified to factor in the pandemic’s impact on assessment and career progression.

Please note : Process of the ARCP as detailed in the section below remains unchanged.  Covid outcomes 10.1 and 10.2 are regarded as ‘no fault’ outcomes but trainees receiving this outcome will be required to speak to the ARCP panel on the day.


You will be required to submit your ESSR and supporting evidence on the Lifelong Learning Platform two weeks prior to your ARCP date (for 2020 dates see below).

Panel members will review the evidence using the RCoA national checklists (below) and decide on a predicted outcome a week  before the ARCP.

Only trainees with a predicted unsatisfactory outcome (2,3 or 5) or completion training outcome 6 will be contacted.

It is important you book time off for the ARCP Panel date well in advance of local hospital leave guidelines. Generally, if you have not been contacted a week prior to the ARCP you can assume a satisfactory outcome and cancel your leave. However as all outcomes are subject to final ratification by the ARCP panel, you will still need to be contactable via mobile phone all day.

Tips from the Regional Advisor

  • Only one ESSR should be done to cover the whole period since your last ARCP.  Ensure all evidence is linked to this one document.
  • Details of exam passes can be difficult to find. Please upload a copy of the pass letter in your document store and ensure that exam dates on the ESSR are correct.
  • Reflections are often very variable and in general should not be just a statement of attendance or completion.
  • Non clinical domains are rarely filled in. These areas will assume more importance on the 2021 LLLP so please ensure they are complete.