Core Trainee (CT1) and Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) Recruitment

Recruitment for CT1 and ACCS is national, co-ordinated by the West Midlands Deanery. Round one interviews are held initially and offers sent out. Clearing interviews are then held if vacancies remain.

Specialist Trainee (ST3) Recruitment

At present, ST3 recruitment is held twice a year, for start dates in February and August. Recruitment is done nationally, co-ordinated through the West Midlands deanery.

Applications are completed online. Candidates can choose two units of application (geographical regions) and if they are short-listed, they may be interviewed by either or both of these. Candidates will be scored and ranked at interview and, if successful, will be offered one place. Candidates from non UK/EEA countries will only be considered once the list of UK/EEA candidates has been exhausted. 


Adverts will appear on NHS Jobs website and in the BMJ. Applications will be through I:CAMS.