Out of Programme (OOP) relates to trainees that wish to participate in an experience that is out of their planned programme of training.  There are a number of circumstances that trainees may wish to spend time out of programme; to gain training or clinical experience, to undertake research or to take a career break.

Time out of programme will not normally be agreed until a trainee has been in a training programme for at least a year and will not normally be allowed in the final year of training other than in exceptional circumstances.

Before applying for OOP, trainees must discuss their plans with their Educational Supervisor and Training Programme Director.  This discussion will determine the suitability of the out of programme experience and ensures the proposed post will meet the educational needs of the trainee.

Health Education West Midlands requires OOP Application Forms and supporting documentation to be submitted at least 6 months in advance of the proposed OOP start date. Please note that applications that do not meet the minimum 6 month timescale will be rejected and Trainees will not be supported to go on an OOP. It is the Trainee’s responsibility to ensure all relevant information as stipulated in the guidance document is submitted on time.

If a trainee wishes to go outside of the local training programme to an approved location then this would be considered a secondment rather than an OOPT. Application forms for an OOPT will only be required when the post is in a location not listed on the GMC website

 Application Forms